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A four-letter word never mistaken, never misunderstood yet… it remains open for interpretation. However, add two letters to the front – namely T and J – and ribs become something more. They become defined. TJ Ribs is Baton Rouge BBQ with tastes so bold they’ll slap, sizzle, seethe, sear, and sauté your tongue until nothing else will do. Since the late 1980s, TJ Ribs has become the BBQ haven for LSU country where the best of both worlds collide. Food and LSU sports. It’s like some sort of insane experiment that just clicked from day one. Succulent. Moist. Tender. Pigskin. That last one is a football (just in case). Enjoy one of the area’s best collections of LSU sports memorabilia at TJ Ribs but don’t touch. We know your hands are filthy. They should be. They just manhandled an order from TJ Ribs. If they’re not covered and your face is clean, you didn’t fully enjoy the TJ Ribs “Babyback Experience”! 

TJ Ribs-The Reason for Ribs